Facility Accessibility Audits

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A Facility Accessibility Audit is an examination of a building's interior and exterior environments according to an established set of accessibility criteria. This accessibility criteria measures the overall "usability" of a building and its site according to the needs of persons with disabilities. Accessibility criteria is generally based upon:

  • Universal design principles                                                              
  • Building Code requirements
  • National & international standards
  • Accessibility "best practices" and guidelines                            

The SPH approach aims to conduct an accessibility audit that is inclusive of the needs of everyone, of all ages and abilities. Often, reviewing a building and site based on the needs of persons with disabilities will make a building useable for everyone, including children and seniors.

Accessibility audit services also extend to evaluating parks, trails, playspaces and other recreational environments, including meeting AODA requirements as part of the Design of Public Spaces Standards.

Our facility accessibility audit services generally include the following components, however, these services can be modified to suit a Client's specific needs and are adjusted according to the type of building or facility being audited:

  • An assessment of building's environments for access and ease of use - identification of features and building elements (interior and exterior environments).
  • Photograph documentation to detail barriers and other problem areas.
  • A written report detailing the completed assessment according to agreed accessibility criteria (e.g., compliance with building code, AODA IASR, universal accessibility, ADA).
  • Detailed recommendations to provide or improve overall accessibility.
  • Prioritization of recommendations and action steps to remove barriers - a rating based on high, medium and low priority.
  • Costing - estimates for barrier removal and remedial work.
  • Accessibility Products - recommendations of products, provision of cost estimates and supplier contact information.

Example of Assistive Listening System at Sales/Ticket Counter (Source: Better Hearing Solutions)   Photo of Consultant evaluating surface conditions of playspace (Source: US Access Board)

For many clients, different approaches are required and SPH offers the flexibility to work with Client groups prior to commencement of any project to determine the audit criteria and services required - often a combination of services mentioned above.

We can conduct a preliminary walk through of buildings, facilities and sites (both interior/exterior environments) to provide Clients with a summary of expectations and to determine the overall scope of the audit. SPH can provide a tailored audit tool and training package for each Client, useful for Clients that may have several facilities of similar design and use.