Infrastructure Ontario: 222 Jarvis Redevelopment


Services: Accessibility Study and Facility Accessibility Audit

Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC) retained MMM Group to perform a condition assessment of the former Sears Office Tower and parking garage, located at 222 Jarvis Street in Toronto, Ontario. MMM Group teamed up with Trow and AREA Architects, with SPH retained as Accessibility Consultant to undertake the full condition assessment and accessibility compliance review. The property consists of a nine-storey office with 450,000 rentable SF as well as two adjacent development parcels. The consulting work was conducted through a combination of a visual inspection of the site and buildings, a detailed assessment of the building(s), it’s components and the review and analysis of any available information, reports and drawings. The consultant team provided a detailed overview of the existing condition of the site and buildings, as well as a professional opinion on the scope of the major renovation and retrofit of the site and buildings and all related costing.

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