Women's College Hospital (WCH)


Services: Accessibility Planning, Audits and Consultation 

SPH was retained to develop WCH’s accessibility plan, including establishing strategic linkages to their Vision, Mission and Value statements and broader diversity initiatives. SPH conducted an Accessibility Audit of WCH’s two (2) main sites (500,000+ SF) and the development of a comprehensive remedial work plan (e.g., priorities and costing), establishing references and linkages to internal Departmental responsibilities. Conducted Staff and Stakeholder Consultation (e.g., surveys and key informant interviews). Following initial work and projects, SPH was retained in 2009 to provide strategic recommendations and advice related to ongoing improvement projects (e.g., washroom renovations and signage upgrades). In 2010, SPH was also retained to update WCH’s Accessibility Plan to include information on accessible design features for the new hospital under design and construction. 

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