Accessibility Act to Make the Province of Nova Scotia More Accessible


Government of Nova Scotia website

As identified on the government of Nova Scotia's website: (excerpted)

"Nova Scotia has set a goal to be accessible by 2030 under the Accessibility Act, passed today, April 27th. Nova Scotia is only the third province in Canada to passaccessibility legislation.
Under the act, the government will work with persons with disabilities and the public and private sectors to create six standards for a Nova Scotia where everyone can live, work, learn and play.
The legislation puts in place a new Accessibility Advisory Board. A new accessibility directorate will be responsible for supporting accessibility initiatives and advancing broader disability-related issues.
The Government also invested one-point-eight million dollars in this year’s budget to increase provincial ACCESS-Ability grants for community buildings and to launch a new grant program for small businesses to become more accessible."


For more information, visit the Government of Nova Scotia's website.
For a copy of the Accessibility Act (Bill No. 59), visit the Nova Scotia Legislature website.