By the Numbers: A Statistical Profile of People with Mental Health and Addiction Disabilities in Ontario

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As identified in a news release by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), a new OHRC report "takes a fresh look at experiences of people with mental health and addictions disabilities".


Report highlights identified by the OHRC include:


  • Of all Ontarians who report a disability, almost one-third (30.9%) report a mental health or addiction disability.
  • The unemployment rate of Ontarians aged 15-64 with mental health or addiction disabilities in 2011 (22.6%) was more than twice as high as Ontarians with other disabilities (9%) and almost three times higher than Ontarians without disabilities (7.7%).
  • Many people with disabilities report they have been discriminated against in employment,regardless of disability type.
  • Almost 7 in 10 people with mental health and addiction disabilities report beingdisadvantaged at work due to their condition.
  • Adding the numbers to the stories can raise awareness by helping to develop a common understanding of the significant social and economic disparities faced by Ontarians with mental health disabilities, addictions and other disabilities. By the numbers can be used as a tool to promote change to eliminate these disparities.

For additional information, visit the OHRC website.