Awards of Excellence in Visitable Housing

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VisitAble Housing is an innovative housing concept that is gaining recognition across Canada. The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (CCDS) is launching the Awards of Excellence in VisitAble Housing to showcase exemplary designs and practices of VisitAble Housing in Canada.

VisitAble Housing and Three VisitAbility Features

“VisitAble Housing” or “VisitAbility” is the concept of designing and building homes with basic accessibility. VisitAble homes provide easy access on the main level for everyone. VisitAble housing offers a convenient home for residents and a welcoming environment for all visitors.

VisitAble homes have three basic accessibility features:

  1. No-step entrance (at the front, back or side of the house)
  2. Wider doorways and clear passage on the main floor
  3. A main floor bathroom (or powder room) that can be accessed by visitors who use mobility devices

Purpose and Scope

The Awards are intended to highlight and celebrate excellence in VisitAble housing in Canada. The Awards are a one-time program and national in scope.


All entries must be received by 11:59pm (Central Time, Manitoba), February 28, 2015.

For more background information, please go to the VisitAble Housing Canada website.