Picture-it: An Autism-friendly Digital Tool

A photo of people from the Helen Hamlyn Centre using the Picture-it Digital Tool (Credit: Helen Hamlyn Centre)

As identified by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (UK), the "Picture-it" project:

"is developing a digital tool to help care staff at the Kingwood Trust to capture and share positive experiences in the lives of the adults with autism they support.

It is the latest in a line of design innovations developed over the past five years to address the sensory preferences and special interests of those with autism.

Kingwood support staff play an important role in the lives of people with autism, helping them to live fuller and more active lives. To ensure that good practice is not lost, this project explores how expertise, knowledge and insights can be captured, connected and communicated to enrich person-centred support.

Following observations, interviews and two digital trials using the photo-sharing platform Pinterest, a new digital tool was created. Picture-it empowers autistic adults to build their own visual diary of their positive experiences and achievements; it supports staff members by ensuring that their good practice gets captured, noticed and celebrated; it also encourages family members to contribute and feel more connected with their relative’s life on a daily basis."

Visit the Picture-it project website for more information.