New Accessibility Legislation in Nova Scotia

Photo of Advisory Committee Members at recent Committee Meeting.

Nova Scotia’s government is moving forward with its promise to help make Nova Scotia a more accessible and inclusive place to live and work. The Minister’s Advisory Panel on Accessibility Legislation brings together a diverse group of people with experience and expertise that will report to the Minister of Community Services Joanne Bernard on February 13, 2015 with recommendations about accessibility legislation for Nova Scotians that ensures all Nova Scotians will have equal opportunity to reach their potential. The Minister’s Advisory Panel will examine issues related to access to information, communications. labour market and employment opportunities, removing structural barriers in the built environment, attitudes and public awareness, transportation, client services, and housing. 

For more information, visit the Nova Scotia Canada government website.

A discussion paper and feedback forms in alternate formats can also be obtained on the Nova Scotia Canada website, including "An Invitation for Input on Accessibility Legislation - Discussion Paper" (in Adobe PDF format).

Visit the Cape Breton Post website for a recent news release with additional information provided by Marcie Shwery-Stanley, a member of the minister's advisory panel on accessibility legislation.