Inclusive Design Hub for the Built Environment

View of an exterior sign for the Design Council


The Design Council, based in the UK, has created a new online resource: "The Inclusive Design Hub for the Built Environment". The Design Council describes this resource as follows:


About this hub

While progress is being made, inclusive design in the built environment is still not common practice. Often the bare minimum to meet standards and regulations is all that is asked for and delivered.

Design Council is keen to work with others to address this problem in the built environment and in the wider design world. Building on previous Cabe work we hope this resource hub will be helpful for built environment professionals. It covers buildings and outdoor spaces, in all phases of development including planning, design and construction, right through to the management of those buildings and places. It is a collection of resources and we do not promote the use of one over the other.

We want to continue to build this resource over time. We would like to hear from you if you have suggestions for further resources to be included, from guides to case studies, from the UK and internationally. Our aspiration is that this becomes the central place for people to learn and be inspired about inclusive design.