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Healthcare: Patient Centred Inclusive Design
Condominiums: Accessibility Audits & AODA Compliance
Accessible Canada: Development of Inclusive Design / Construction Standards, Guidelines, Details, Schematics and Specifications
Downsview Park Aerospace Campus: Centennial College
Knox College: Heritage & Inclusive Design
Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre: NORR Architects
Humber College LRC: Accessible Design Compliance (B+H Architects)
Humber River Hospital: Plenary Group
Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club: Facility Accessibility Audit
SPH Services: Accessible Design Compliance
Quinte Courthouse: Brookfield Infrastructure Partnerships Quinte
2015 TUDA Award of Merit: Lower Don Trail Master Plan

Welcome to SPH Planning & Consulting Limited (SPH)

Accessibility planning is a profession that crosses many disciplines – architecture, urban planning, interior design and construction to name a few. SPH brings experience in all of these areas to projects that recognize the importance of inclusion – access for people of all ages and abilities. We are a recognized leader in accessibility planning, inclusive design and construction. SPH approaches all projects with the principles of universal design as a guiding force.

Firm Profile


  • Offers professional services related to the planning, design and construction of inclusive environments, policies, programs and services;
  • Develops strategic accessibility plans and project briefs for public and private sector organizations;
  • Conducts building audits and reviews architectural/site plans to evaluate the level of accessibility compliance – according to building codes, standards, guidelines and other related best practice criteria; and
  • Researches local, national and international best practices in equal access and universal design to inform all projects that we are involved in.
Visit our Services page for more information and contact us to discuss how we can assist your organization in achieving its goals and objectives.

Featured Services

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